Northern Spark

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Our friends at the Snap Shot Shanty kindly invited us to host a dance party in their shanty as part of their participation in the Northern Spark “Nuit Blanche” Festival. As things turned out, a sleepy Lowertown neighbor “pre-complained” about noise and festivities were moved to the Board Shanty. We dug the digs all the same and a good time was had by all. Thanks to all you fabulous people for coming out!

See the original flyer here

Feeting Frenzy

This is the Dance Shanty in 2012. Bask in it’s aura.

Here are the PHOTOGRAPHS from the first 2 weekends of the Dance Shanty.

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Feeting Frenzy

  • Feeting Frenzy

Why We Dance Shanty

The Dance Shanty exists to remind us all that where there’s dancing, there’s art—and you can dance ANYWHERE, ANYTIME ANYHOW! The Dance Shanty is a place and experience where the boundaries between artist and observer are pushed, blurred, flipped, popped and locked in the pursuit of positive personal and communal transformation.

We’ve been honored to be a part of the Art Shanty Project since 2009 and thrilled to be featuring some of the most talented DJ’s and dance instructors in the city as part of this groovy tradition.

Our goal is to cast light on the Twin Cities dance scene to remind people that This city is dancing! We want to make Minneapolis and St. Paul as informed and proud of our local dance floors as we are of our local micro brews!

Sometimes you have to journey far to discover what’s right under your nose—or dancing shoes, as the case may be! This year when people shout over the music, “We love this! How long will you guys be out here?” We will be able to direct them back to dance floors in their own backyard.  By opening our dance floor, we hope to bring an even more diverse crowd of dancers and artist to the ice this year, and recycle some of these born-again dancers into their neighborhoods to revitalize and rediscover their inner artist and neighborhood dance floors!



Q: Why don’t you guys have a mirror ball?
A: It’s a great idea, and we’ve considered it. The real reason we don’t have one is so that every person who suggests it can feel like they’re part of the art!

Q: How many people have you ever fit it the shanty at once?
A: Over 50 and counting…

Q: How is your shanty heated?
A: Please see the previous question.

Q: Cool! But, what is this?
A: The Dance Shanty is an artistic project that was part of the Art Shanty Projects in 2009 and 2010 in Minneapolis, MN.

Aerial Shot of the Art Shanty Projects